Pest Control Services

Homes and businesses throughout the local area provide pests like termites, rodents, and more with the ideal place to call home. Unfortunately, these pests can be a serious nuisance in several ways. From spreading germs to causing property damage and more, their presence will undoubtedly be felt until they are eradicated from your space. At PrimeX, we proudly serve both residential and commercial customers with pest control services and maintenance plans. Rest assured that we will fully address the problem you are dealing with today, and we can keep the pests from returning.

Maintenance Plans

At PrimeX, we believe that it is best to take a proactive approach when dealing with bed bugs, rodents, termites and other pests. After all, you understandably want to avoid the damaging effects of their presence. The reality is that pests are often drawn into a building in search of food, water and shelter. Without a proper deterrent method in place, pests will return to your property. If you have been struggling with an infestation that seemingly never goes away or if you want to prevent an infestation altogether, a maintenance plan is the solution you need.

Our maintenance plans provide effective deterrents for the pests that are most problematic in the local area. With both residential and commercial maintenance plans available, we are the extermination company that you can trust with all of our needs. When you purchase a maintenance plan for your property, our exterminators will utilize proven techniques and apply effective products on a regular schedule.

Silver Plan


– Three Annual Treatments

– Unlimited & Emergency Pest Control Year Round

– Free Pest Audit PLUS Annual Termite Inspection

– Common Pests Covered: Ants, Cockroaches, Boxelder Bugs, Ladybugs, Centipedes,Clover Mites, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Springtails, Silverfish. Ground Beetles, Crickets, Spiders, Food-Infesting Insects, Carpet Beetles, Mites, Bees*, Wasps*, Hornets*, Yellow Jackets*

*And removal of their nests attached to a structure


Gold Service Plan


-Same Coverage of Common Pests including Rodents as our Silver Plan

-Termite Monitoring

PLUS: Carpenter Ants & Bees, Digger Bees, Cicada Killers, Fleas


Platinum Service Plan


– Same Coverage of Common Pests including Rodents as our Gold Plan

– Termite Treatment at NO EXTRA CHARGE


Mosquito and Tick Reduction Plan

– Initial treatment in April

– Monthly treatments April – October

– 100% satisfaction guarantee

– A 2-for-1 treatment

Call for more information about all of our plans!

Residential Pest Control

Have you noticed signs of an infestation of bed bugs or termites in your home? Are you concerned that rodents may be scurrying through your walls or attic? An infestation should be dealt with immediately to avoid property damage and to prevent illness, and our PrimeX exterminators are available to answer your call. Our residential pest control services begin with an inspection of the property. Through a thorough inspection, we can determine what types of pests are occupying your space. This enables us to tailor our treatment methods to properly and efficiently address the situation. For termites, bed bugs, and other insects, we eradicate pests on the spot using treatments that are safe for homes with children and pets. For rodents, we drive the mice, rats and other critters out of the house, and we take steps to prevent them from returning. Regardless of the types of pests that are in your home today, you can count on our exterminators to get the job done right.

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you are dealing with rodents or insects in your place of business, you may be trying to manage a range of negative effects. The presence of pests in your business can drive customers away, and it could even deter them from returning again. In addition, your business could develop a negative reputation as a result of an infestation. Depending on the types of pests in the space, there may be concerns about the health and safety of employees and customers. Expensive property repairs as a result of pest-related damage could also be a serious concern. When you contact PrimeX for commercial pest control service, we will utilize safe, effective treatments that successfully and quickly address the problem. At the same time, we know how important it is to maintain a low profile as we treat your business property, and we will do our part to minimize disruption to your business's activities. You can rely on us to tackle your pest infestation challenges directly and to prevent those pests from returning in the future.