Whether it’s contamination of food, spreading germs, or causing property damage; pests can be a pain to deal with alone. It can be easy to put off dealing with an infestation, but pests don’t wait, so neither should you! Rather than take them on by yourself, trust the experts at PrimeX. Our local exterminators will help eliminate pests from your house, as well deter them from coming back. We’ll start you off with a thorough pest inspection to determine the severity of the infestation, and then recommend treatment. 

We provide treatments for the following pests in Cranford: 

  • Ants 
  • Rodents
  • Termites 
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders 
  • Stinging insects (such as wasps, bees, hornets).
  • And many more!


Trust the Best Pest Defense in Cranford 

At PrimeX, we know it’s important to get pest removal that fits your home, and also stops pests from coming back. That’s why we offer different treatment plans, so that you can find a perfect match for your home and family. At PrimeX, we believe the best offense is a good defense, that’s why we offer our pest control maintenance plans. With one of our pest treatment  plans, our technicians will apply effective and safe products on a regular basis, to keep pests from making their way into your home. 

Pair with one of our expert maintenance plans in Cranford:

  • Silver Plan – 3 annual treatments per year as preventative measures against pest infestation. We’ll also provide unlimited emergency pest control and inspections all year round as needed. This plan does not include rodents, termites or carpenter ants.
  • Gold Plan – All the benefits of the silver plan. We’ll also do advanced termite monitoring to make sure they are detected before they become a problem. This plan covers rodents, carpenter ants, and fleas. 
  • Platinum Plan – Full benefits of Gold and silver plans, with complete termite control included. Termites are extremely dangerous to your home, and if detected require professional removal immediately. With this plan, we’ll monitor for termites, and remove them for you at no extra charge. 


Get your expert maintenance plan now